Geek admiration

Hate to admit it - yes, I'm...picky - but it's rare to find work that I totally admire and be totally inspired by. Totally being the operative word.

First, the site Book by Its Cover is a great read, and since I just found it (behind, I know), it is great to see it's coming 'back' better than ever. And not only the content, but the layout of the site. Intuitive, interesting and graphically acceptable. Nice!

Then. THEN. One of the sponsors of Book by Its Cover. Also. That's the name (another great inspiration). Also. I curiously clicked through, and not only their site, but their clients' sites (the most difficult place to showcase the breadth of your 'stuff'!), AMAZING. Incredible illustration, design, animation, thought. Hooray!

Go! Please. Visit Also now.