How long will my portrait take?

Turnaround of your portrait is dependent on the length of our waitlist. Within 24 hours of placing your order, we'll contact you via Etsy convos to provide timing for delivery of your painting. If you need the painting for a special event, let us know in the "Notes" section when you're placing the order, and we will do our best to achieve your needs. If we cannot deliver in the timeframe you need, we're always happy to refund the entire cost of your purchase.


What do I need to provide you for my custom portrait?

1 - Photos! We need to see the building and people you'd like painted. See below for more info about the types of images we need.

2 - Things that matter to you. Does the path hold special meaning? Should there be a wreath on the door (what type?)? Tell us what you want for your portrait - what means the most to you.

3 - What the label should say. If you'd like the portrait to have a label, let us know what you'd like it to say!


Can I include pets or the trees in my portrait? How about people (in a house portrait)?

Yes, we can include pets in your family and house portraits. If you are purchasing a family portrait, consider all of the pets an additional person and order accordingly (or purchase another person and convo us). If you are commissioning a house portrait, also purchase a family portrait for one person and convo us.

If you're interested in more landscaping than the shrubs and bushes immediately surrounding the house - or a simple paint wash of lawn - please purchase the 10x14" size portrait for a home. Please know that we cannot be exactly representative of plants, our style is representative. Our focus is on structures and unfortunately does not extend to landscapes.

Finally, if you are ordering a house portrait and would like to include your family, please purchase both a house portrait and the appropriate quantity of people in the family portrait listing. Our preferred approach is the family facing forward in front and to the side of the house.


What kind of pictures do you need?

For house portraits, we need to see the entire facade of the building. Multiple photos are fine, we can piece together the overall image. We may need guidance on color, your preference for season, and any deviations you'd like from the photograph(s). We've also worked from Google street view, if it is available for your building and helpful for you.

For family portraits, we need photos of each person who will be in the portrait, as well as guidance to the order of the people (from left to right), as well as the clothing you desire. The more details the better!


How do I get you the information you need?

The best method we've found for exchanging all of this info is Etsy convos. You can find the convo feature by clicking the envelope icon in navigation bar at the top of any Etsy page (when you're logged in). Click the blue "Compose Message" button and type "amybrearley" in the top box.


What is the custom portrait process?

After you purchase and provide the photographs and other information:

1 - Sketch: using Etsy convos, we will send you a sketch for your review. Please review this carefully, as this is exactly what the painting will reflect.

2 - Painting: upon your approval of the sketch, we will begin painting. Timing will be based upon our previously agreed upon date. The final painting will be shipped via USPS 2-3 business day mail, with tracking. You will receive an automated email from Etsy with the tracking number.

3 - Digital files: for every portrait, we provide full-size high res (300 dpi) and low res (72dpi) files. They will be available for download, indefinitely, from a Dropbox link that will be provided to you.


Where can I order a custom portrait?

Currently, we're exclusively selling through Etsy:

house portraits (8.5x11in and 10x14in):

family portraits:


Do you work with international clients?

Absolutely! It's our pleasure to paint architecture and families from around the world.

See the appropriate Etsy listing for shipping fees. Visit the USPS website for approximate shipping times (which, unfortunately, will be in addition to our timing!):


Can you do other custom portraits and commissions?

Yes! We've done boats, vehicles, pets as well as paintings for weddings. We are also happy to do editorial illustrations. Click the "Inquiries" link on this website to discuss further!